The Golden Rule

Be considerate - we all live in a very small space, and we all deserve a bit of extra consideration with respect to noise, light, lifestyle, and how the neighbors are affected. The Golden Rule is our #1 rule here: treat people as you'd like to be treated, and have a sense of humor about it.

Rent is due in advance - please pay promptly. We accept US dollars, Mexican pesos, and Canadian dollars. Allowances can be made to accept PayPal transfers, which is the only means we have of putting your rent on your credit card. There is an ATM machine right around the corner, and two full-service banks in Todos Santos (one of which features an excellent English-speaking staff) to serve your financial needs.

Rules and Regulations

The Pescadero RV Park is an adult-only park with a limited number of leased plots. Adult is defined as being over the age of majority. Plots may be leased on a temporary, limited basis or on a mermanent basis. Lease fees must be paid on a regular monthly or yearly basis. Leases may not be sublet. Plots may not be used for commercial purposes.

1) Dogs are not permitted in the park.

2) Children under the age of 14 are not permitted in the park. Upon approval of the Park management, children may visit the Park on a limited basis and then only under adult supervision.

3) Residents are restricted to one vehicle parking space and that vehicle must be parked in front of their plot. Non-resident vehicles must be parked only in designated areas. Parking is permitted on gravel surfaces only. The speed limit shall be a maximum of 5 km/hr. It is not permitted to use Park water for washing vehicles.

4) All trash shall be deposited in the trash building at the entrance to the Park. Please be sure to seal the trash bins to keep the insects under control. Cigarette butts are to be disposed of in the trash, not on the grounds. No paper, cloth or other textile products are to be disposed of into the toilets or sewer pipes.

5) Pool use:

  • No lifeguard will be on duty at the pool at any time.

  • Two people are required to roll and un-roll the pool cover.

  • The person who removes the cover should replace the cover.

  • Seat cushions should be replaced on the storage shelf after use.

  • Plastic containers are preferred around the pool. Be cautious with glass or breakable items.

  • 6) The Park shall maintain the Washrooms and Laundry facilities but requests that residents clean up after themselves to a reasonable degree after use.

    7) Residents shall be responsible for maintaining their plots in an orderly, functional, and trash-free manner. Visible outdoor clotheslines are not acceptable. The use of leaf or dust blowers for cleaning is not acceptable.

    8) Noise is to be kept to a minimum prior to 8am and after 10pm.

    9) Gate remote controls are not to be loaned! If you let someone into the park, be responsible for letting them back out again.

    10) Guests may be charged an additional fee for their overnight stay and use of the park facilities. See the rate schedule for details.

    11) The Park assumes no responsibility for injury, damage, or loss of property.

    Permanent Residents

    1) All permanently leased plots shall have a palapa constructed on the Plot. Modifications or additions to the Plot may be completed following the approval of the Management.

    2) Permanent Lessees shall have the free and unencumbered use of their Plot and the facilities of the park provided the Park rules and regulations are observed.

    3) Permanent residents shall be responsible for payment of their electrical power use.

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